LiPo Power for Mixer Bag

I recently set about building a LiPo Power solution for my Sound Devices 552 and Lectrosonics receivers as – to be honest with you – they go through batteries like they are going out of fashion, particularly the SD552 with Phantom Power turned on. Anyway, having decided that I wished to spend no more money…

Organ Fireworks XIV – October Release

Christopher Herrick’s Fireworks XIV is soon to be out in the shops – Release date some time in October. This was recorded and produced by Mark Edwards and Greenside Productions at Melbourne Town Hall for Hyperion Records in July 2009. for more information and some preview material.

Imaging Assistant

Just found this very useful online tool for calculating predicted microphone imaging results for various different patterns and configurations of condensor microphones. It’s called the “Image Assistant” and is by Helmut Wittek who is the Engineering Director at Schoeps. Check it out… very useful.