Organ Fireworks XIV review in “The Organ”

This is copy of the review by Robert Matthew-Walker, editor of “The Organ” magazine. He has given the CD 5 stars and made some extremely complimentary statements about the performance, production and recording…

“Christopher Herrick is much to be applauded for the results he obtains from the William Hill instrument. In this, he is splendidly supported by truly outstanding recording quality under the direction of Mark Edwards – this is one of the finest recordings of an organ I can recall in years…” (R M-W. “The Organ” January 2011)

Although I am very encouraged by this review, the author does me far too much kindness! – Thanks Robert – it’s good to know that the work and the project was appreciated. Now I must remember to make good on that beer next time I’m in the UK 😉

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