I am a graduate of the UK University of Surrey “Tonmeister” degree course in Music and Sound Recording. This institution represents worlds best practice in music and sound recording training and provides unique opportunities for musicians and engineers that are passionate about sound recording to kick-start their careers.

After completing the course, I went on to work as a freelance recording engineer and producer based at Euphonia/Chop ‘Em Out in Notting Hill, London. I worked on numerous projects for Collins Classics, ASV, IMP and my recording of the John Casken ‘Cello concerto was nominated for a Gramophone award. In 1999 I emigrated to Melbourne, Australia where I have made my home ever since.

My professional activities have also included chairing the committee of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) section here in Melbourne until 2015.  I also retain membership of the Australian Screen Sound Group (ASSG) and am active on the Creative Victoria Film/TV working party which is a cross-guild representative group of film/tv professionals.

With Sound Design and Sound Editing I work primarily in Protools HD for film and Sequoia for music projects which I am equipped to mix in both Stereo and 5.1 Surround.

I am currently spending my time working on film and media projects in a Location Sound and Audio Post capacity, encompassing both Sound Design, Dialogue, FX and Music Editing. I have a huge passion for sound on film and will consider working on any project – large or small. Please feel free to approach me with any project ideas or proposals – I would be happy to discuss them and to share my thoughts on how to progress them.

I am more than happy to help filmmakers troubleshoot their sound problems or challenges. It’s best to get me involved as early as possible, but I am able to help at any stage of the project.

Feel free to grab a copy of my CV.

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Mark Edwards
Greenside Productions
Sound Recordist Melbourne