I had the pleasure to work with Mark on a short comedy film titled El Western. I was writing the score, and Mark, along with the film director, was my point of contact throughout the whole experience. He was also the recordist of the film, and handled the whole audio post-production. I was very impressed with Mark’s knowledge of his field, as well as his musical background. When deciding on the music for the film, and approving the cues, he was very clear in his direction and comments. At the same time, he was very open to input and collaboration. He was able to translate and augment the director’s vision for the film, and displayed great musical sensibilities when discussing the score. I believe Mark is a great asset to any film, and he will make sure the film sounds as good as possible.Anastasia Devana, Composer / programmer / keyboard player (Ashentide)
Mark worked as location sound recordist for a number of days on my debut feature film Play It Safe. He consistently performed above and beyond the call of duty and was always a pleasure to have on set. For me as a director, the best thing about having Mark around was that I could have complete faith in him and his work. There was no need for me to worry (or even think) about the sound recording at all. This meant that I could focus purely on working with the actors which was a real blessing. I can definitely recommend Mark without any hesitations.Chris Pahlow, Writer/Director, University Teacher
I asked Mark to fly to Iraq to record the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq in their 2011 summer school in Erbil. He brought all his equipment with him and went straight to work working on the sound for a film by his colleague, Cam Matheson. Mark is a top expert in sound engineering and recording, and at every point I knew his easy going personality, matter-of-fact professionalism and no-nonsense style were perfect for a difficult multilingual, multicultural environment. His final recording of the concert in the Saad Palace was a relief to me. The National Youth Orchestra of Iraq fights constanty against multiple factors to maintain and build quality. His recording made us sound the best we could possibly be.Paul Macalindin - conductor, Board Member at European Federation of National Youth Orchestras, Music Director of National Youth Orchestra of Iraq
Mark is simply the best sound recordist and sound designer I have had the pleasure to work with. On set he is a consummate team player, always ready, always in position, always producing great results. With Mark on Sound one simply need not worry – he will achieve the best possible results in any given situation.In post, he is insightful and creative and passionate. Full of expert knowledge, he takes the time to listen, suggest, and craft the sound and mood for each film or project, building and refining all the elements that take the work to next level. I cannot recommend Mark highly enough.Ivan Malekin, Freelance Director, Editor at Nexus Production Group
Mark is one of those creatives that is the full package. He is diligent and always thinking several moves ahead.He also has the ability to hear a cricket chirp at a thousand yards.I have worked with Mark on three occasions now and shall continue to do so, as I know I never have to worry about the quality of the sound.Mark is one of the best team players I have come across and one of the nicest guys you could hope to meet. He is not only an asset to a project, but a great guy to have on set. He has integrity, wit, talent and that big, big asset required of all film crew, stamina.I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark. Mark is a soundie with the mindset of ensuring his directors nomination.Danny Matier, Freelance Writer/Director
Mark is an exceptional sound recordist who applies both great skill and passion to his work. Even under difficult conditions Mark was able to produce great results in recording audio for our short film, and his professionalism and candidly good nature on set is warmly welcomed by all involved in a production. He is highly professional on set, showing great respect for people and the filmmaking process, whilst also being open and friendly to everybody involved. Even where working under time constraints he not only maintained perfect audio, but did so in a calm and orderly fashion. Being in his capable hands, audio was one area the production team didn’t need to worry about. I greatly look forward to a future opportunity to work with him again.Darren Vukasinovic, Writer/Director
Mark is a pleasure to work with, he’s creative, respectful, professional, but also very much someone who can have a valuable discussion about what you’re working on. Mark’s not the sort of person who’ll treat a client like the client’s wishes are either too complicated or arbitrary, he listens and implements. I can’t recommend Mark highly enough, just a top sound engineer and composer who “gets” the client’s wish or idea straight away!Carl J. Sorheim, Writer/Director
Mark has provided me with on set sound recording and post production sound design services for a feature film and 2 short films. He has expert knowledge of the subject, comprehensive skills with sound design software, always aims to get the best result possible and most importantly is great to work with.Winston Furlong, Writer/Director