In partnership with Mano Musica, Greenside Productions has been asked to produce a recording of the performances of “L’anima del filosofo: Orpheus and Eurydice” – an opera by Haydn that will be performed in Sydney between the 2nd and 7th December 2010 by the “Pinchgut Opera“.

The cast will include soprano Elena Xanthoudakis as the double part of Eurydice/Spirit and tenor Andrew Goodwin as Orpheus. The opera makes extensive use of the chorus, which will be Cantillation, and Antony Walker will conduct a classical orchestra (Orchestra of the Antipodes) that will include Erin Helyard playing fortepiano.

The project has been in planning for a number of months and we will be travelling up to Sydney very soon to begin rigging for the first dress rehearsal. The recording will be completed using the Greenside Productions 24-channel mobile Micstasy  MADI rig with DPA and Schoeps microphones. The recording will be edited and mastered by Mano Musica and released on the Pinchgut opera label.