Tom and I set off from Melbourne at about 3pm Sunday, stopping for a few breaks on the way. Weather was not too bad and we made good progress stopping off in Holbrook for dinner, a quick beer, parma and a game of pool. I couldn’t help but sympathize with the British submarine commander that lost his command after running his boat aground near the Isle of Man. You should see what they did to the guy that ran this beauty aground – nearly 400km from the nearest port!!

We finally stopped for the night in Gundagai where we rented a small cabin. First mistake of the night was following the GPS and diving 2km right past our destination. Second mistake was the late night cup of tea. Third mistake was renting a cabin with a corrugated steel roof. So there I am, lying in bed, listening to the rain hammering down onto the roof, pretending to be asleep. This I did for pretty much the whole night until the alarm went off in the morning. It rained all night and carried on raining in the morning as we drove into Gundagai for breakfast and then on into Sydney. Don’t think I have seen such torrential rain in the past 12 years of living in Australia!

We made it to Sydney about mid-day, picked up the radio mic gear from Murray Tregonning and made our way to Angel place where we found the loading bay and proceeded to unload the Pajero. The company was rehearsing so we set about configuring the control room. At about 5:30pm we were able to start running the fibre cable through the roof and to get the rig working.

Only a few more things to do tomorrow before the rehearsal and we are good to go.

Had a few challenges with the line level feeds to the ABC but after we figured out what was going on we were on a roll.