Apple, where do I send the invoice to cover the last 8 hours of my life?!

Apple, bless their cotton socks, released an update for their “Pro Kit Framework” which basically broke all of the “Pro” apps on my laptop. I cannot say definitively that this is the cause, but it certainly appears to have been the case for me.

This article outlines what I did to get my life back.

Recent update to MacOS 10.6.6 coupled with an update to ProKit 6.0.1 seems to have been the cause of the problem. The problem I was experiencing was that any application using ProKit would not launch into a usable state. Once invoking the program, you might (if you are lucky) see a process in the process list, but no icon in “Alt-Tab” and no window to interact with.

The workaround is to remove ProKit 6.0.1 and replace it with ProKit 5.0.1 – until Apple, bless their cotton socks, decides to test their software in a little more detail and come up with a fix to whatever the problem is.

So, here are the instructions:

  1. Navigate to /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks
  2. Right-Click on “ProKit.framework” and Compress “ProKit.framework”
  3. Right-Click on “ProKit.framework” and “Move to Trash”
  4. Download and mount ProKit 5.0.1 update from
  5. Right click the mpkg file and “Show Package Contents”
  6. Expand “Contents” and “Packages” revealing “ProAppRuntime.pkg” and “ProRuntime.pkg”
  7. Right-Click “ProAppRuntime.pkg” and “Show Package Contents”
  8. Expand “Contents” and drag “Archive.pax.gz” to your desktop
  9. Launch a terminal window
  10. cd Desktop/
  11. mkdir tmp
  12. cd tmp
  13. tar xfz ../Archive.pax.gz
  14. exit
  15. On your desktop, find the “tmp” directory.
  16. Expand “System”,”Library”,”PrivateFrameworks”
  17. Drag “Prokit.framework” from here to your system disk location “SYSDISK:/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks” . You will need to provide an Administrator password to complete this operation.

I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that this workaround will be unsupported and will most likely break other stuff, but anyone with an ounce more sense than I is welcome to comment and provide a better solution. Better yet: Apple, fix this.

Having done this, I am now able to launch Logic Pro and FCP. I am yet to find out if there are any other issues to be dealt with, but for now the major hurdle is overcome.