Throughout my experiences working on film projects I have had the pleasure of working with crew of very diverse backgrounds and levels of experience and – as a rule – the most pleasurable crew environments to work in are those where there is a willingness to exchange information and experience – as either a learner or a teacher. I don’t pretend to know everything, but I know that I am content when I am able to pass on what useful nuggets of information I have managed to collect and the recipient finds that information useful and can use it to improve their own work practises. I am even more pleased when I find myself in a learning environment and able to pick up new experience and tricks of the trade.

I am therefore going to take this opportunity to start a series of sound-related articles and tips/tricks and use this to pass on the limited knowledge which I have gathered over the years. I hope that aspiring film crew and Location Sound crew will find this useful and will use it to further their own careers. Obviously I do not pretend to be an oracle of all knowledge on any subject and so I would very much appreciate feedback from other location sound crew that happen to stumble on this material and can see improvements or suggestions that can be made.

If any film-maker or aspiring sound person has any suggestions for articles and or Sound Tips posts for this blog, please feel free to get in touch.

Mark Edwards
Greenside Productions