Congratulations to the VCA students who pitched their films last night at the crewing night. It was a great night and I’m sorry that I didn’t get to talk to everyone that I had wanted to. For those VCA filmmakers and producers that find their way here, welcome. On this site are some audio samples and blogs from previous projects. Please get in touch with me directly on if you would like access to a showreel of some of the work that I have done.

To give you a feel, I have worked on both drama and docco in both long and short form. I have all my own gear – enough to handle shorts and features alike and give you a very high quality result.

Please feel free to get in touch and if you feel I would be a good fit for your project we can talk further about your script and project. I would very much like to be involved at the pre-production stage and advise on any locations that you have in mind.