The following article outlines the use of the Canon EOS C300 with an external sound recording device such as the Sound Devices 552 or 788T.

Camera Overview

The Canon EOS C300 is a recent entry to the HD video camera market with a pair of standard XLRs connector for external sound input. The camera supports signal routing, MIC and LINE level inputs and phantom power (+48v) for mounted shotgun microphone use.


Line up Procedure

Configure the camera to accept LINE level input on both channels using the switches positioned on the control panel right below the monitor display.

Note that CH-1 input is on the right and CH-2 input is on the left.


Also set the input level to “Manual” by selecting the “M” switch position for both channels as per the picture above. This will ensure that the camera accepts input from both external channels.

Press the MENU button and scroll to the AUDIO SETUP menu using the SET joystick button.
Access the AUDIO INPUT menu and configure XLR Rec Channel to read CH1.

This is different to what you might expect to see on a PMW-EX1 or a PMW-EX3


Other settings to check while in the AUDIO SET/AUDIO INPUT menu page are:

Limiter – Off

Set your external mixer or recording device to output LINE level audio and connect the output of your mixer to the camera audio inputs using balanced XLR cables.

Configure your external mixer or recording device to output a 1kHz test tone at a level of 0dBu. It is usual that a level of 0dBu will result in a meter display reading of –20dBFS. Ideally you will output a “stutter” tone that helps confirm which channel is the LEFT channel by periodically interrupting the tone level of one of the channels.

Inspect the audio metering on the LCD Display at the rear of the camera.


Adjust the AUDIO LEVEL (camera top panel) until each channel indicates -20 on the camera audio level meter as per the picture above. In tests, the value indicated on the AUDIO LEVEL rotary control ended up being approximately at the “5 1/2” position for each channel.

Once the levels have been correctly aligned, turn off the tone source and check that audio is being correctly routed from the external mixer to the camera.


1. Set the correct running mode

Menu [00:00 TC/UB Setup] > [Time Code] > [Mode] Select PRESET then press SET

2. Set the “Timecode Input” mode in the menu structure:

Menu [00:00 TC/UB Setup] > [Time Code] > [TC In/Out] Select [In] and then press SET

3. Plug in your external timecode source (such as an Ambient Lockit ACL-203 box) to the “Timecode” and “Genlock” ports.


4. Observe the LCD Display screen:


… and note the “Gen.” next to the timecode display, next to an “E” which indicates that the camera is locked to the external timecode and video sources.