The following series of articles is intended to assist sound recordists working with unfamiliar camera equipment. I’ll be posting a series of articles that outline the correct sound and sync settings for commonly used cameras with typical outboard sound gear such as the Sound Devices 788T and 552 ENG Mixer.

The aim of these articles is to provide a repeatable procedure to “Line up” an external sound recording unit with a camera. “Lining Up” is the process of correctly aligning the output level of the external recording device with the input level of the camera. Incorrect alignment can result in one or more of the following:

  1. Distorted audio being recorded in-camera
  2. Noisy or too-quiet audio being recorded in camera.

The effective aim of “aligning” levels between an external recording device and a camera is to allow a sound recordist to record sound and correctly meter and monitor levels on their recording device WITHOUT CONTINUAL REFERENCE TO THE CAMERA METERING.