The following article outlines the use of the Sony NEX-FS100 with an external sound recording device such as the Sound Devices 552 or 788T.

Camera Overview

1-IMG_9403 The NEX-FS100 is a prosumer grade HD camera with a pair of XLR connectors for external sound input. The camera supports signal routing, MIC and LINE level inputs and phantom power (+48v) for mounted shotgun microphone use.

The camera does not support any timecode input so cannot be synced via timecode to any external reference.

Line up Procedure

Routing and level configuration is performed on a single switch panel which is located at the top rear of the camera underneath the viewfinder.

Each record input has selectable input level, Phantom power, input connector, gain automation and audio level.


Select LINE input for both channels. For Input 1 select the “INPUT 1” connector and for Input 2 select the “INPUT 2” connector. For AGC control, select MAN for both channels.

[Any additional Menu settings?]

Set your external mixer or recording device to output LINE level audio and connect the output of your mixer to the camera audio inputs. Note that Input 1 is on the RIGHT REAR of the camera and Input 2 is on the left hand side of the rear panel of the camera.

Configure your external mixer or recording device to output a 1kHz test tone at a level of 0dBu. It is usual that a level of 0dBu will result in a meter display reading of –20dBFS. Ideally you will output a “stutter” tone that helps confirm which channel is the LEFT channel by periodically interrupting the tone level.

Access the “AUDIO” page on the viewfinder status display by pressing the STATUS button twice or until the correct page is displayed.

[missing picture – need picture of NEX-FS100 audio metering.]

Adjust the AUDIO LEVEL (camera side panel) until each channel indicates -20 on the camera audio level meter as per the picture above. In tests, the value indicated on the AUDIO LEVEL rotary control ended up being approximately at the “6” position.

Once the levels have been correctly aligned, turn off the tone source and check that audio is being correctly routed from the external mixer to the camera.