Adding “SSB” sound

Lastly, although the FM walkie-talkie sound is as close to the real thing as we are going to get, there are some additional effects which can add some additional  realism. The effect I am referring to is the SSB tuning effect. An AM (Amplitude Modulation) SSB (Single-Sideband) radio has a very unique acoustic pattern which will be familiar to radio operators worldwide. (More information can be found at Demodulation of an SSB signal requires the replacement of the original carrier frequency signal by the receiver. This results in a very unique pitch-change effect that gradually reduces as the signal is correctly tuned.

Simulation of this “SSB Tuning” effect can be achieved using a Puredata Patch and integration of the required patch can be achieved using the PDVst bridge. PD actually contains an example SSB patch which we can use with minimal modification.

This is the Puredata Patch that was used.


Note the availability of VST Automation that can be pulled into the patch and then used to drive “Tuning” effects. This is derived from the “[r rvstparameter0]” box at the top of the image.

Automation can then be supplied by Sequoia to gradually change the “tuning” effect as the speech progresses:


Original voice processed, with all the trimmings, plus the SSB effect:

[audio:|titles=Voice through filter with SSB effect]

Well that’s pretty much it. Hope you enjoyed this.