Location Sound Recording equipment includes both Bag (for TV/Corporate/Documentary) and Cart (Film/Drama) configurations:

  • 6 Lectrosonics 400 series wireless transmitters and receivers (Blocks 21,26,25)
  • Sanken COS-11D-PT and DPA lavalier mics,
  • 2x Sanken CS3 with Rycote 4-Kit windjammer, boom
  • Sound Devices 552 mixer,
  • Sound Devices 788T-SSD/CL8/CL9 Multichannel Field Recorder/Mixer
  • Sound Devices 970 MADI/DANTE recorder
  • Schoeps MK41, MK2S, MK8, MK4, MK21
  • Lectrosonics IFB – 6¬†Station (Block 21)
  • Zaxcom Stereo Wireless Camera link (STA150/TRX990/QRX100)

A selection of other Schoeps, AKG and Audio-Technica microphones are also available.

Camera equipment available includes:

  • Canon XF305
  • Atmos Samurai Blade recorder
  • Canon 5Dii
  • E-Image tripod 100mm ball head.
  • GoPro 4+ Black

Other equipment available upon request.