I provide location sound recording services for all forms of content, including:

  • Branded or Commercial Content
    • Online, Broadcast, Theatrical
  • Unbranded Content
    • Corporate, Training, Informational
  • Narrative Content:
    • Documentary,
    • Drama – Episodic or Feature

I have the following equipment available:

  • Field Recording Devices:
    • Sound Devices 552, 788-T, 970
  • Microphones:
    • Sanken CS3e
    • Schoeps MK41, MK2, MK2s, MK3, MK4, MK8
    • COS11D and DPA Lavaliers
  • Wireless / RF Kits:
    • Lectrosonics SMDA, SMQV
    • Lectrosonics R1A and T4A IFB kits
  • Timecode Equipment:
    • Ambient ACL203,
    • Ambient Nano Lockit,
    • Ambient Lockit Digital Slate

The following terms of trade apply:

  • The following cancellation fees apply:
    • Bookings cancelled within 24 hours of call time – 100% of labour fee
    • bookings cancelled within 48 hours of call time – 50% of labour fee
  • All prices quoted are subject to 10% GST
  • The customer is responsible for any and all charges relating to recovery of unpaid debts.
  • Any and all copyright in work product rests with Greenside Holdings P/L until payment for services has been received in full.

To make a booking, contact me directly through this site, call me on +61 408 601 107, or email my booking agent – Freelancers Promotions