Greenside Productions boasts what is perhaps one of the highest quality mobile sound recording rigs of its kind in the country.

24 Channels of pristine RME Micstasy-M remote preamps MADI (upgradeable to 64 channels if required) and a full-duplex 100MB Ethernet connection over 300m of military-grade fibre-optic cable. The rig is best used for location session or live recording work. It is fully portable and usable anywhere where standard single-phase mains power can be supplied to both the stage and control racks.

The rig consists of two 19″ suspension mounted racks – a stage rack containing the preamps, Furman power conditioner and 8 channels of D/A conversion – and a control rack containing MADI to AES conversion (ADI-642), Sample Rate conversion, Digital and Analog monitoring outputs and redundant multitrack recording/DAW facilities. The ethernet connection between the stage and control racks can be used for telephone-based talkback, PA, video monitoring and other ip-based applications.

The Greenside Productions MADI rig is now available for hire. Please contact us for rates and details.

Recording Equipment

Our kit-list sports microphones from Schoeps, Audio-Technica, Neumann and AKG amongst others. Speaker-monitoring where required supported by Genelec 2840A Active DSP speakers giving a fully digital path from the converters through to the active amplifiers.

We also have specialist recording stands from Manfrotto and K&M (including a lookout stand that rises to over 7m tall) and a Sabra Decca Tree.


Schoeps: CMC5(23),CMC6(5),MK2(4),MK2S(19),MK3(4),MK4(2),MK41(3). AKG: C414 BXL-II(2). Neumann TLM-103 (2), Audio Technica: AT350(2). Shure: SM57(2)

Project Services

Flying location recording equipment into and out of Australia is an expensive option and with project margins as tight as they are, hiring local equipment is a much more cost-effective approach. The Greenside Productions MADI Rig was specifically designed with high quality 3rd party location recording projects in mind. We are also able to provide in-country consulting and production management services to ensure the success of any location recording venture.

Recent Clients

  • Hyperion Records (Fireworks XIV – Melbourne Town Hall Organ)
  • Controversy Music
  • Masquerade
  • Pinchgut Opera Company
  • 3MBS Radio
  • Trinity College Melbourne Chapel Choir
  • Eltham High School
  • The Song Company