I offer the following recording and production services:

Location Sound recording

…for film, drama, documentary, ENG or event/convention

I have a location sound kit suitable for camera-link or remote record work with Lectrosonics wireless, Sanken Cos-11 lavalier, Ambient boom and Sanken CS3e interference tube mics. I mix and record on location with Sound Devices 552 mixer. I can also provide wireless camera link based on Zaxcom technology and also a 4-station IFB setup.

Location Sound

…for a concert, event or music recording

Greenside Productions can handle any size project – from a single solo performer up to massed choirs and symphony orchestra. We work across musical genres – from early music to contemporary, jazz and rock. The recording facilities I have can scale as the job requires up to a maximum of 64 channels multitrack. We can work either as an audio-only service or alongside a camera teams providing synchronised audio or a direct mix to camera.


Equipment available:

  • Canon 5D MkII with Manfrotto tripod and Video head.
  • GoPro HD Hero with various mounts – useful for in-car or sports videography.

Video editing

I have both Sony Vegas and Apple Final Cut Pro available for any video editing requirements.

Audio Post-Production services

  • Track Prep for music videos
  • Music Production
  • Track or CD Mastering
  • Audio/Video dubbing
  • ADR (Automatic Dialogue Replacement)